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The graphic designs designed for this series and the warm tones of the woods, make it particularly suitable for elegant environments with a classic style.

My Gaudió, how to choose it?

Each Gaudió is composed of three elements:

  • the magnetic cards grouped in four series (Classic, Swing, Cool and Bebop)
  • the graphic solution that determines the artistic design
  • the cabinet that contains all the electronics

The magnetic cards characterize the 4 series, they are made with a special patented fixing system that allows the modularity of the chosen graphic solution.

The graphic solution represents the chosen design, any graphic solution can be realized in the four series. You can still customize your Gaudió by replacing the set of cards with a new graphic solution proposed by Fab Italy Design or by providing you with an ad hoc solution.

The cabinet Contains all the electronics, remains unchanged for all the Gaudió series, is made with special housing that allows you to vary the positioning of the 6 speakers (4 woofers and 2 tweeters) based on the chosen graphic solution. The cabinet also includes an elegant RGB led luminous frame.

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